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Temperature Barometric Pressure Hi Wind Speed In Miles Per Hour
Humidity Dew Point Temperature Wind Chill
Temperature Humidity Wind Index Rainfall In Inches

High Wind Speed Wind Direction


Carson City’s past months weather page has 9 Graphs of weather variables.

These weather variables consist of temperature, barometric pressure, high wind speed, high wind speed wind direction, humidity, dew-point temperature,windchill,humidity wind index, rainfall for the month. Another asset to the station is it provides data on how the temperature really feels when wind speed and humidity are accounted. These useful calculations that the station provides are wind chill and temperature humidity wind chill index. Please enjoy this free weather data At your fingertips at your convenience. Additional weather information from this WeatherStation can be obtained by going to whetherlink.com or downloading the weather link app and looking on the map and drop-down menu for the Carson City Weather Station 3. WeatherLink has a Network of hundreds of weather stations across Nevada and California.